Kyoto Night Free Walking Tour (Fushimi Inari)

KFWT presents to you!

The 1st and only Kyoto Night FreeWalking Tour of Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Skip the crowds and come with us on this tour!

See Fushimi Inari Shrine from a perspective most people haven’t seen!

Immerse yourself into the culture and history that makes Fushimi Inari Shrine the No1. Shrine in Japan.

Light diffused through the thousands of gates.

You will hear the most popular Japanese ghost stories and urban legends.

Walk with us as we explore and enjoy:

  • The main shrine
  • The world-famous path of endless torii gates
  • A hidden trail
  • The scariest Japanese ghost stories
  • The creepiest urban legends known to all Japanese people
  • Numerous little Shinto shrines
  • A beautiful night scenery
  • A bamboo forest

Most of the night walking tours in Kyoto will take You to Gion, but not KFWT?
Why is that?

We here at KFWT respect Kyoto culture & local people. Enough to decide not to participate in the continuous disturbance of peace for locals living and working in Gion.
We will not “hunt down” Geishas like other night-tours in Gion make you do.

Bring a flashlight (if you have one) and a pair of good walking shoes.

Do not join if you suffer from Asthma, Heart conditions or are easily scared.

Not for people with difficulties walking moderately steep and uneven terrain.

The thousands of gates, reaching out into infinity.

2h Tour

Available in English

Meeting Location

Across the street of Inari (JR) station.

In front of "Great Torii of Fushimi Inari Shrine".

Meeting spot photo

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3. Enjoy the tour!
Make sure to show up on the meeting spot on time and enjoy the tour!