Find currently planned tours on our Facebook Events list or page.

The tours are planned on a regular basis and are posted as soon as they are available.

The tours are free.
No reservation or e-mailing is needed!
Simply click “going” on the event page and be at the meeting place on time!

The tour will happen ONLY if there is at least one “Going” pressed at the event page on Facebook before 24:00 the night before the event.

*So if you want to participate and there is zero “Going”,
then press it! Otherwise, the event will be canceled.

Agreement of Voluntary Participation in Tours
Participation in any of Kyoto Free Walking Tours (KFWT) is voluntarily and free of charge.
By participating in any of the tours you are agreeing that KFWT is not responsible for any damage, injuries, accidents, etc, which might occur during the tour.
Insurance of any kind is not provided by KFWT and all participants are responsible for their own safety.