Frequently asked questions

Tour dates, time, schedule?

All of our guides are doing tours in their free time next to work and studies.
This means that if there are any tours, tours are added as soon as the guides are available, sometimes only a few days in advance. Make sure to check out our schedule a few days before arrival. If there’s a tour it will be on the events page on our Facebook.

Can I book a private tour?

Our tours are not private. We only do group tours, just find a tour you like to join on the "Tours" page.
Press the “going” button and join us at the meeting spot in time.

In case of rain, snow, typhoon, etc, would the tour be cancelled?

We always try to avoid canceling a tour, but in some cases, it’s needed.
Just always make sure to check the event post on our Facebook before you head out to the meeting spot.
We always write about current updates, changes etc in the event post.

Places visited during the tour are?

Our main tour covers Gion and Higashiyama districts. We start in front of the Izumo no Okuni statue, take a walk through the geisha quarters, through Kenninji temple, pass by Yasaka pagoda, Ninenzaka street and finish at Yasaka shrine.
For other tours, please read the description.

Strollers, wheelchair, etc?

There are quite a few stairs, steep uphill streets and many people in the neighborhood. We can NOT guarantee that it will be easy to follow along or that you will not be left behind.
Please be aware of this if you still decide to join the tour.

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